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For eleven years Hip4Kids has been delivering Healthy Cooking Demos, Health Fairs and Educational Programming to children across the country in an effort to combat Childhood Obesity and Type II Diabetes.


With our eight separate after-school formats and free online curriculum we have delivered educational services to a more than 200,000 children, parents and teachers.


Hip4Kids is recognized by The Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c (3) Educational Company and is recognized by The New York State Attorney General as A Charitable Organization


Your tax-deductible gift is applied directly to employing our student teachers and conducting our Healthy Living & Healthy Cooking Workshops and programs for underserved populations everywhere such as our current Middle School Programming for New York City Public Schools.


With your tax-deductible gift you too can be Hip4Kids!


Help Us Make a Difference in Education Today



Even More Delicious Gifts…

Treat your staff and business associates and send them your delicious wishes while giving underserved kids the gift of education and wellness.


Corporate Gifts

When you donate at the corporate level we’ll send your staff, partners, important stakeholders or favorite associate our tasty Chocolate HIP Cookies.


Your corporate donation goes directly to support our National Teachers’ Publishing Project - The Hip4Kids After-School Curriculum Guide for For-Credit After-School Programming


Nutritional Literacy is Hip4Kids – Since 2001

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Donate $150 and receive a Collectable Hoodie.

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$100 Donation

Donate $100 and receive a hand autographed copy of Healthy French Cuisine book by Chef Alain Braux winner of the LA & Paris Book Fair.

$500 Donation

Donate $500 and receive 5 boxes of cookies.

$1000 Donation

Donate $1000 and receive 10 boxes of cookies.

$1500 Donation

Donate $1500 and receive 15 boxes of cookies.

$2000 Donation

Donate $2000 and receive 20 boxes of cookies.

$2500 Donation

Donate $2500 and receive 25 boxes of cookies.

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